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V.le dei Mille, 93
47042 Cesenatico (FC)

Tel/Fax. 0547/80799

Fax. 0547/80654
Priv. 0547/88679

Cesenatico, located at the inside of Romagna coast, is able to satisfy demands for any type of vacation and relax. The beach and the sea are comfortable and equipped of every service, they are also suitable to children and to unexperienced. Being famous for the warm reception and for the typical good romagnola kitchen, Cesenatico is also a reference for young turists: places and meeting points are uncountable.

The history of Cesenatico started at the beginning of the XIV century with the construction of the port, giving Cesena way to the sea. In 1502, under Duke Valentino, Cesenatico meets Leonardo Da Vinci, to whom was committed the project of the new port. In 1817, after uncountable applications and petitions, Cesenatico got its independency. After the unity of Italy Cesenatico used to live primarily on fishing; first tourism started at the beginning of the XX century. The real tourist expansion involved not only aristocratic classes and arrived in the postwar period, particularly in the '60s, when Cesenatico lived a great transformation becoming one of the most famous and equipped cities on the Adriatic coast.

Cesenatico coast and its surrounds reach an extension of approximately 7 kilometeres. The beach, long average 150 meters, consists of fine and regular sand; the bedrock slowly goes down along 500 meters from the shore, making it particularly proper for children and unexperienced. On the beach there are structures anywhere making it possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas; plus cafe, music and so many possibilities to meet and to know each other. There are also free beach zones, with free structures.

Cesenatico offers a very beautiful and equipped beach and most of all it is the perfect destination for the impassioned of any sport: you can play beach volley or beach soccer; in the sea you can practice young people activities like skin board, parafly, Kite-surf and the most traditional sport, which is sailing. The area around Cesenatico allows also to practice a lot of activities in a naturalistic background, from the sea to the first mountains of Appennino (approximately 60/70 Kms farway). Hills are ideal for bicycle, where they also run the famous race called "nine hills".

You can also have so many opportunities of walks and excursions on feet: on the first Appennino hills (Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, Balze and Fumaiolo...), in Cesenatico parks (Ponente and Levante), in the pinewood of Zadina, you can relax and refresh from the warmest hours.

   HOTEL MARINA di Vincenzi Martino - V.le dei Mille, 93 (V.le Carducci) - 47042 Cesenatico (FC) - Tel. 0547/80799